The Tale of a Silly Chick (Казка пра неразумнае птушанятка, 1994) by Vladimir Petkevich

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The Tale of a Silly Chick
Казка пра неразумнае птушанятка
Kazka pra nerazumnaye ptushanyatka (be)
Казка пра дурное кураня (be)
Приказка за едно глупаво пиленце (bg)
Приказката за глупавото пиле (bg)
Pohádka o hloupém kuře (cs)
Lugu mõtlematust linnupojast (et)
Opowieść o głupim kurczaku (pl)
Сказка о глупом цыплёнке (ru)
Казка про дурне курча (uk)
Gà ngốc phiêu lưu kí (vi)

Year 1994
Director(s) Petkevich Vladimir
Studio(s) Belarusfilm
Language(s) (wordless)
Genre(s) Religion
Animation Type(s)  Cutout
Drawn (cel)
Length 00:09:45 profile Ru, En
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A parable about meaning of life, starring a recently-hatched chick who can transform into different creatures.

The newly hatched chick could not compete with his siblings for a nest, so he decided to wander to find a place to live. Then he fell into the mouth of a giant fish, rode on the back of a turtle, almost became a butterfly chrysalis, and even disguised himself as the mouse king and the frog prince.

After 1989, Petkevich moved from Sverdlovsk Film Studio to Belarusfilm. He made two 20-minute animated films for adults in 1992 and 1993, but they cannot be found online - this is the earliest of his Belarusian films that is currently available.



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