The Rain Horse (Мальчик, 2008) by Dmitriy Geller

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The Rain Horse
Malchik (ru)
Момчето (bg)
Poiss (et)

Year 2008
Director(s) Geller Dmitriy
Studio(s) A-Film
Language(s) (wordless)
Genre(s) Serious
Animation Type(s)  Digital 2D
Length 00:15:57 profile Ru, En
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An animated film-parable about an old horse whose life is coming to its finale. But before his death, fate gives him one last fantastic vision - of a world filled with endless life and love.

The film is set to the music of John Zorn performed by Eric Friedlander (cello), Rob Berger (piano) and Greg Cohen (double bass). The soundtrack for the film (including a lot of extra music that didn't make it in) was released on the CD Filmworks XIX: The Rain Horse.

"Boy" is the original Russian title, but it has mostly been called "The Rain Horse" in English.

2008 - Romania - KINOFEST - Grand Prix. Best Animated Film
2008 - Russia (Vyborg) - "Window to Europe" Festival - "Grand Prix. Best Animated Film" & Diploma of the Guild of film critics and critics - "For the beauty and touching expression"
2008 - Russia - "White Elephant" Prize of the Guild of Film Critics of Russia - Best Animated Film
2008 - Russia - Zolotaya rybka (Goldfish) - "Bright Impression" Prize
2008 - Russia (Suzdal) - Open Russian Festival for Animated Film - 2nd place in the professional rating



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