Ginger's Tale (Огонёк-Огниво, 2020) by Konstantin Shchyokin

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Ginger's Tale
The Stone of Fire
Ogonyok-Ognivo (ru)
حـكاية (جيـنجـر) الصـهبـاء (ar)
La Pierre de feu (fr)
Kisah Ginger (id)
ขิงเล่า (th)

Year 2020
Director(s) Shchyokin Konstantin
Studio(s) Vverh Animation Studio
Language(s) Russian
Genre(s) Comedy
Literature (non-Rus./USSR)
Animation Type(s)  Digital 2D
Length 01:31:58
Wordiness 21.74 profile Ru, En
235 visitors

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When a poor craftsman named Potter finds a magical Stone of Fire artifact, forgets his friends and allies with a wicked queen, it is up to his friend Ginger to rescue him. Loosely based on H.C. Andersen's 1835 story "The Tinderbox".

In an ancient tower on the outskirts of a medieval town, a lonely queen has lived since time immemorial with a devoted servant-an inventor. Local residents had long forgotten what had happened to her Kingdom. And she still feels like the mistress of the world, because in her hands is a magical object that gives money and power - a flint. But one day the queen loses everything.

As a young craftsman, Potter works as a potter and is a resident of the fairy-tale City of Masters. Potter has just set up a shop with his friends Padlock and his betrothed Ginger. Day by day he works honestly, but is trying to make ends meet. However, he has self-doubt when he always wanted to achieve his primary goal of fixing the city's fountain.

One day, Potter stumbles upon the magic tinderbox Flint. Potter realizes he just needs to make a wish, drawing a spark, and the wish will certainly come true. With three strikes a gold dog is conjured that will bid any wish to the wielder of the artifact. The Queen learns of the activation of the artifact and cracks down on Potter so that she can seize the Stone of Fire. Without thinking twice, the Potter uses magic and makes himself untold riches. The wealth blackens the soul of a craftsman. In a critical moment, a lively and sincere girl named Ginger comes to the aid of her friend.

Originally released in Russia in 2020 under the title "The Stone of Fire", it received mixed-to-positive reviews but lackluster audience attendance, leading to the bankruptcy of the studio. An English version titled "Ginger's Tale" was released in 2022.

The original 1835 Andersen story can be read in English translation here.



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