The Soldier's Caftan (Солдатский кафтан, 1983) by Vadim Kurchevskiy

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The Soldier's Caftan
Солдатский кафтан
Soldatskiy kaftan (ru)
El caftán del soldado (es)

Year 1983
Director(s) Kurchevskiy Vadim
Studio(s) Soyuzmultfilm
Language(s) Russian
Genre(s) Folklore & myth (Rus./East Slavic)
Animation Type(s)  Cutout
Plasticine (2D)
Length 00:09:59
Wordiness 9.15 profile Ru, En
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A soldier, a general and an admiral each claim that their uniform is the best. Tsar Peter the Great organizes a contest to test who's right. Based on Russian folklore.

Although mainly done with puppet animation, several other stop-motion animation types are used for mythological characters and weather effects.



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