A Basket with Spruce Cones (Корзина с еловыми шишками, 1989) by Olga Chikina

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A Basket with Spruce Cones
A Basket with Fir Cones
Корзина с еловыми шишками
Korzina s yelovymi shishkami (ru)

Year 1989
Director(s) Chikina Olga
Studio(s) Belarusfilm
Language(s) Russian
Genre(s) Literature (Rus./East Slavic)
Animation Type(s)  Drawn (not cel)
Length 00:09:57
Wordiness 2.71
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Language: English
Quality: good
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Creator(s): Niffiwan

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Composer Edvard Grieg meets a girl collecting fir cones. He promises her a gift, only not now, but after many years. Later, he writes a musical piece for her 18th birthday. Based on the story by Konstantin Paustovsky.

The original Russian story can be read here. For some reason, in this film the girl's last name is "Hagerup" rather than "Petersen" as in the story (perhaps a mistake caused by the creators mistaking her father's first name for his surname).

The first video has a lower resolution than the second (which was scanned from 35mm film by the RuTracker animation scanning project in Feb 2023), and is in the TV frame rate; however, the second video can be watched only on Youtube. There are only two texts that need translation, though: at 5:18, a sign says "Grieg concert", and at 8:07, the letter says "To Dagny Hagerup, daughter of sailor Hagerup Petersen, for when she turns 18".




This film is actually quite similar to Lafertovskaya Fig-tree (Лафертовская маковница).

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Yes, I can see the stylistic similarity. Though the proper translation of "Лафертовская маковница" is "The Lafertovo Poppycake Seller"



This film is in Belarusian, so I tried everything but couldn't translate it. As for its title, I used Eus's plan.

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>As for its title, I used Eus's plan.
Eus got that translation from Google Translate, but it's wrong. Try to search for both in quotes, and you'll see that the "poppycake seller" title is the one used by actual human translators.
>This film is in Belarusian, so I tried everything but couldn't translate it.
It's in Russian, actually. I just checked. I starts with "Я хотела бы сходить за сокровищами… Не бежать от своего детства, а идти ему навстречу; любить и видеть то, что нельзя тронуть рукой: лес, воздух, тишину, небо, луну, время". (by the way, if you do a Google search for that, you will find the academic article "ЗВУКОВОЕ РЕШЕНИЕ АНИМАЦИОННОГО ФИЛЬМА В КИНЕМАТОГРАФЕ БЕЛАРУСИ", which talks about the film).
To be honest, I hope that a better scan of that film turns up. With the existing VHS scans, I find it hard to tell what's going on too often, given the detailed art style.


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