Word of Honour (Честное слово, 1978) by Marianna Novogrudskaya

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Word of Honour
Честное слово
Chestnoye slovo (ru)
Čestné slovo (cs)
Ausõna (et)

Year 1978
Director(s) Novogrudskaya Marianna
Studio(s) Ekran
Language(s) Russian
Genre(s) Domestic life
Literature (Rus./USSR minorities)
Animation Type(s)  Puppet
Length 00:09:39
Wordiness 10.36
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Based on Panteleyev’s tale about a boy who wouldn’t leave his post after he gave his word.

Marianna Novogrudskaya's first puppet animation after she made her first 3, rather laureated ones, using cutout technique.

"In general her Classic puppet animations are skillful while several of her cutout animations are actually uniquely brilliant. In my mind that is also because of her art-director Galina Beda, and their technical playfulness." - Eus347




I learned this story from the 2nd grade Literature textbook. But of course, the story was very long so we only had accessed to an excerpt. Its idea is quite strange, so with a child's mentality, you will think this boy is so stupid. However, let's look from the eyes of adults to learn how profound the author is.

In recent years, the problem of school violence in Vietnam has been increasing at a terrifying rate and has even reduced the reputation of the minister of education (who is my former university lecturer). It's true that textbooks still teach children ideas about honor, morality, and even children's rights ; but in reality, they are influenced by a lot of junk in society, so they only act according to their feelings. I myself am also one of the millions of victims of school violence, so I understand how useful honor will be if we actually enforce it, instead of just saying it but not doing it.


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