Echogramma (Эхограмма, 2003) by Sergey Alibekov

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Ehogramma (ru)
Ехограма (bg)
Ehogramm (et)

Year 2003
Director(s) Alibekov Sergey
Studio(s) Uzbekfilm
Language(s) (wordless)
Genre(s) Politics
Animation Type(s)  Stop motion (3D)
Length 00:17:13 profile Ru, En
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A surreal plasticine-animated film from Uzbekistan that symbolically sketches a person's inner world during the turbulent 1990s, presented simultaneously in the form of a phantasmagoric environment and of a complex mechanism.

Uploaded to Youtube split into two parts with the director's permission. The full film can also be watched here. Below are some notes, translated from the Youtube description.

As the director himself admits, it is difficult to watch the film without preparation - you need to know first what the film is about. Let's try to explain: the source, if one may call it that, of inspiration for Sergey were the events of the dashing 90s, when the system of values ​​collapsed, psychological breakdown of the people took place and views on the surrounding reality were changing. In the film, this is shown ingeniously and very accurately: apples of discord appear in a harmoniously working mechanism, grey faceless masses grab them and begin to chew. More and more apples - in other words, material goods - appear. The tirelessly gnawing mouths work faster and faster. People pray to the Tower of Babel, from which apples pour as if from a horn of plenty. Consumption becomes the top priority, and a full-bellied pig becomes an almost religious idol. But the wave of madness cannot rage forever: the mechanism withers, the uneven beating heart turns to stone, and the walls of the Tower of Babel crack. Will there be a rebirth after the decline? This question is posed to the audience by the director.

There are a few whispered lines of dialogue in 3 languages (Uzbek, Russian, English), beginning at 13:30 in the film (5:20 in the second video above): "I am like a child that hasn't come into the world", "I am like one that has turned away from everything. I am the heart of a foolish person".

Winner of Special Jury Prize for visual direction - KROK, 2003.



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