A Christmas Fantasy (Рождественская фантазия, 1993) by Lyudmila Koshkina

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A Christmas Fantasy
Рождественская фантазия
Rozhdestvenskaya fantaziya (ru)
Коледна фантазия (bg)
Jõulufantaasia (et)

Year 1993
Director(s) Koshkina Lyudmila
Studio(s) Soyuzmultfilm
Language(s) (wordless)
Genre(s) Christmas/New Year
Folklore & myth (Rus./East Slavic)
Animation Type(s)  Paint
Length 00:09:26
Animator.ru profile Ru, En
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An adaptation of Stravinskiy's ballet Petrushka.

The following plot summary is translated from the Russian Wikipedia:
During the Christmas market, all people went to see how Petrushka did extraordinary tricks and tricks. THe merry fellow even managed to ridicule a nearby general, though he then had to run away from him. But unexpectedly, a carriage appeared and collided with the sledges moving past. A box fell from the carriage, and a beautiful doll fell out of the box. The doll remained lying in the snow, and the carriage drove on without noticing anything. The people gathered near the curiosity that had fallen out. Meanwhile, Petrushka, upon seeing the doll, fell in love, and the doll woke up. When they saw each other, they forgot everything in the world and embarked on a dance of love. There seemed to be no end to their joy, but then the carriage, which had apparently noticed the loss, returned and took back the doll. Suddenly, it became dark and people began to disperse. Petrushka sadly ran after the carriage. He had to go into the forest, where the wind whistled and snow fell. Coming out of the forest, Petrushka saw a castle. There, in the window, he saw his doll, surrounded by a Moor and various monsters. They danced and laughed around her. Then, when she was at the end of her strength, she was thrown out the window. The doll was again in the snow. And Petrushka sat next to her, not knowing what to do. But then, as if by magic, the Christmas grandfather (Ded Moroz/Grandpa Frost/Santa Claus) appeared and revived the doll. Again people rushed out of their houses, began to make noise and have fun. A table with many different dishes appeared in front of the people. And Petrushka and the Doll soared upward with love and became the main decoration of the Christmas tree. Until the very end of the holiday, people danced, drank and ate, and there was exultation and joy until the very end of the celebration.



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