The Blue Cap (Синя шапочка, 1998) by Nataliya Chernyshova

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The Blue Cap
Синя шапочка
Sinya shapochka (uk)
Sinine müts (et)
Синяя шапочка (ru)

Year 1998
Director(s) Chernyshova Nataliya
Studio(s) Ukranimafilm
Language(s) Russian
Genre(s) Comedy
Folklore & myth (non-Rus./USSR)
Animation Type(s)  Drawn (cel)
Length 00:10:24
Wordiness 3
281 visitors

Date: June 13 2021 05:29:16
Language: English
Quality: good
Upload notes: 223 characters long (view)
Creator(s): ?, Eus, Niffiwan

Date: October 19 2023 12:43:11
Language: Estonian
Quality: unknown
Upload notes:
Creator(s): Pastella

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A Scottish fisherman gets into trouble after he meets three witches.

The first video is Ukrainian-language and in the original 24fps frame rate, while the second video is the Russian-language version at 25fps (the video quality is worse, though the colours are brighter).

Aside from Youtube, can also be watched here (without subtitles).



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