The Lame Foal (Ақсақ құлан, 2003) by Zhaken Danenov

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The Lame Foal
Ақсақ құлан
Aksak Kulan (kk)
Куц жребец (bg)
Lombakas kulaan (et)
Хромой кулан (ru)

Year 2003
Director(s) Danenov Zhaken
Studio(s) Kazakhfilm
Language(s) (wordless)
Genre(s) Folklore & myth (Rus./USSR minorities)
War & battles
Animation Type(s)  Digital 2D
Length 00:12:35
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Genghis Khan's son goes off to hunt, and tragedy follows. Based on a Kazakh folk tale.

Created 35 years after the studio's first cartoon adapting this story was made, this version is much darker in tone.

The story is about Genghis Khan's son Coçi (in Kazakh Turkish: Joşixan, generally referred to as Cuci in Turkish literature) who became mortally injured while hunting alone. Genghis Khan would kill the one who brought bad news, so no one wanted to tell him of the tragedy, and according to some sources, the great Kazakh poet Ketbuga Baba was responsible for delivering this news. When Ketbuga Baba came to Genghis Khan's presence to give the dark news, there he took his dombra and began to play. Genghis Khan listened to this song carefully and realized that his son Coçi had died, Genghis Khan ordered molten lead poured into the dombra, because instrument was the one who had brought the bad news to him.



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