Big Ear (Большой Ух, 1989) by Yuriy Butyrin

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Big Ear
Большой Ух
Bolshoy Ukh (ru)
Velké ucho (cs)
Suur Kõrv (et)

Year 1989
Director(s) Butyrin Yuriy
Studio(s) Ekran
Language(s) Russian
Genre(s) Misc.
Animation Type(s)  Drawn (cel)
Length 00:09:58
Wordiness 11.33 profile Ru, En
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Date: May 07 2020 12:12:38
Language: Czech
Quality: unknown
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Creator(s): wero1000

Date: August 16 2021 23:29:25
Language: English
Quality: good
Upload notes: 130 characters long (view)
Creator(s): houzdog03, Niffiwan

Date: October 19 2023 10:06:31
Language: Estonian
Quality: unknown
Upload notes:
Creator(s): Pastella

Date: May 17 2014 00:06:37
Language: Russian
Quality: unknown
Upload notes: 120 characters long (view)
Creator(s): Колбасик

Date: July 22 2014 13:48:40
Language: Russian
Quality: unknown
Upload notes: 161 characters long (view)
Creator(s): анониМ

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An alien from the stars hears what goes on in the sky but doesn't notice the sounds of the living world around him. For children.

Click on the "Fullscreen" button below the first video. In case the first video doesn't work, the cartoon can also be watched in the second video (it starts at 3:52, and it skips the first minute or so of the original).

There is also a version here that cannot be embedded on this site, and here (that one is dubbed in English).



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