The Life of a Grey Bear (Жизнь серого медведя, 1994) by Eduard Belyayev

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The Life of a Grey Bear
Жизнь серого медведя
Zhizn serogo medvedya (ru)
La vida de un oso gris (es)
Het leven van een grizzly beer (nl)

Year 1994
Director(s) Belyayev Eduard
Studio(s) Saratovtelefilm
Language(s) Russian
Genre(s) Literature (non-Rus./USSR)
Animation Type(s)  Cutout
Plasticine (2D)
Length 00:15:26
Wordiness 4.62 profile Ru, En
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Zhizn serogo
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Language: English
Quality: good
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Zhizn serogo
Date: February 07 2015 09:57:54
Language: Spanish
Quality: unknown
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Zhizn serogo
Date: September 01 2021 08:18:40
Language: Dutch
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Zhizn serogo
Date: November 14 2011 07:57:00
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The life and death of a grizzly bear. Based on the 1900 story by Ernest Thompson Seton.

Belyayev started as art director at the small studio Saratovtelefilm in 1990. He developed an art style quite his own. A sort of relief flat puppets. Around 1994, he got fascinated by the animal biography stories set in the wild west region of the USA by Ernest Thompson Seton. Unfortunately for him, the Russian animation industry collapsed in 1995; Saratov went out of business. It took 6 years before he could realise the second Seton tale, "Lobo", about a wolf. The tale of the grizzly bear remained quite unique... and remarkable.



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