The Snow Queen (Снежная королева, 1957) by Lev Atamanov

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The Snow Queen
Снежная королева
Snezhnaya koroleva (ru)
Snježna kraljica (bs)
La reina de las nieves (es)
Lumekuninganna (et)
La reine des neiges (fr)
Snježna kraljica (hr)
A Rainha da Neve (pt)
Crăiasa Zăpezii (ro)
Снежна краљица (sr)
Karlar Kraliçesi (tr)
Bà chúa tuyết (vi)

Year 1957
Director(s) Atamanov Lev
Studio(s) Soyuzmultfilm
Language(s) Russian
Genre(s) Christmas/New Year
Literature (non-Rus./USSR)
Animation Type(s)  Drawn (cel)
Length 01:04:36
Wordiness 9.52 profile Ru, En
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Gerda must rescue her friend Kay, who has been kidnapped by the Snow Queen. Based on the story by Hans Christian Andersen.

One of the most popular Soviet animated films, translated into all the major languages and often shown around Christmas in some countries. In the US, an English dub was released in 1959. It was also Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki's favourite film.

The first video link above is HD, though it may be an unofficial upscale. The second is the original version on Soyuzmultfilm's channel. Both are at 25 frames per second (rather than the original frame rate of 24).

1957—Venice Film Festival: Golden Lion in the animated film category
First Prize at the International Film Festival for Children and Youth in Venice
1958—Cannes Film Festival: First prize in the animated film category
1958—Rome: First prize
1958—Moscow International Film Festival: Special prize
1959—London (Festival of festivals): Prize for best film of year
2003—International Laputa Animation Film Festival - Tokyo, Japan: 17th best Animated Film in History
2006—Komsomolskaya Pravda rating of the ten best cartoons in Russia



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