Pack! (Тюк!, 1990) by Yulian Kalisher

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Tyuk! (ru)

Year 1990
Director(s) Kalisher Yulian
Studio(s) Ekran
Language(s) Russian
Genre(s) Comedy
Domestic life
Literature (Rus./East Slavic)
Animation Type(s)  Puppet
Stop motion (3D)
Length 00:15:57
Wordiness 10.71 profile Ru, En
245 visitors

Date: September 24 2021 10:00:47
Language: English
Quality: ok
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Creator(s): Niffiwan, Eus

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While playing outdoors, both children and adults get up to all sorts of mischief. Compiled from tales by Mikhail Zoshchenko (1894-1958) and Daniil Kharms (1905-1942).

Zoshchenko was a satirist and writer who in 1946 was declared a formalist, an artist who would make art for the sake of art itself, and not for the sake of a larger social purpose. Zoshchenko developed a simplified deadpan style of writing which simultaneously made him accessible to "the people" and mocked official demands for accessibility: "I write very compactly. My sentences are short. Accessible to the poor. Maybe that's the reason why I have so many readers."

Daniil Kharms, an avant-gardist and absurdist poet, writer and dramatist, suffered an even worse fate. Kharms was arrested in 1931 and exiled to Kursk for most of a year. He was arrested as a member of "a group of anti-Soviet children's writers", and some of his works were used as evidence in the case. Soviet authorities, having become increasingly hostile toward the avant-garde in general, deemed Kharms' writing for children anti-Soviet because of its refusal to instill materialist and social Soviet values. On 23 August 1941, Kharms was arrested for spreading "libellious and defeatist mood". To avoid execution, Kharms simulated insanity; the military tribunal ordered him to be kept in the psychiatric ward of the 'Kresty' prison due to the severity of the crime. Daniil Kharms died of starvation 2 February 1942 during the siege of Leningrad. His wife was informed that he was deported to Novosibirsk. Only on 25 July 1960, at the request of Kharms' sister, E.I. Gritsina, did the Prosecutor General's Office find him not guilty and he was exonerated. His work for adults, never published during his life, was rediscovered and translated into many languages. It also began to have its influence on the animation community of the 1970s and 1980s, of which Pack is one of the results. The Russian title "tyuk" means package, as well the sound an axe makes when chopping wood, and as a verb it means to bother someone. Difficult to translate.

The animation is directed by Yulian Kalisher. Educated as a theatre puppet director, Yulian Kalisher worked in Tashkent until his wife perished during the big Tashkent earthquake of 1966, after which he came to Moscow. After having worked at the Central State Puppet Theater he started working at Ekran, first as puppet theater film maker, but in 1974 as animation director. All his career he experimented with broadening the tools for puppet-animation. In art-director Lyudmila Tanasenko, with whom he worked from 1979 onward, he found an ideal experimentation partner. His animations from the second half of the eighties onward would take on a more and more complex and arthousy character. In Words of wisdom (1989) as well as the related Tyuk! (1990), Kalisher uses more classical puppets, a few are even the same ones, but the contents are based on the works of freethinking writers banned in the 1940s.



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