The Firebird (Жар-птица, 1984) by Vladimir Samsonov

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The Firebird
Zhar-ptitsa (ru)
Жар-птушка (be)
El pájaro de fuego (es)
L'Oiseau de feu (fr)
Žar-ptica (hr)
Жар-птиця (uk)
Con chim lửa (vi)

Year 1984
Director(s) Samsonov Vladimir
Studio(s) Ekran
Language(s) Russian
Genre(s) Folklore & myth (Rus./East Slavic)
Literature (Rus./East Slavic)
Animation Type(s)  Paint
Length 00:09:38
Wordiness 4.18 profile Ru, En
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Ivan Tsarevich upon his Grey Wolf battles against a dark power that has kidnapped Vasilisa the Beautiful with the aid of a Firebird's feather.

In a certain kingdom, in a certain country, a dark unknown force appeared and completely prevailed over the people. And at that time when the rumor passed that the dark force had stolen Vasilisa the Beautiful, Ivan Tsarevich was far away, far away. He took an invisibility hat and a self-serving tablecloth, sat on the Grey Wolf and went to rescue Vasilisa from captivity. Ivan Tsarevich remembered about the Firebird of the Fiery Feather that flies to the magic garden with golden apples. He got to that garden, spread the self-serving tablecloth under the apple tree and put on the invisibility hat. I waited for the Firebird to arrive and tried to catch it. She escaped from his hands, and he was only left with one feather from her tail. But the dark force had already surrounded the garden with wonderful apple trees and was getting close to Ivan Tsarevich. Then he raised the feather of the Firebird above his head and rode on the Grey Wolf directly to the dark power. And the darkness parted before the Fiery Feather. Then the dark force turned into a flock of toothy winged black dragons, and the feather became a shining sword with which Ivan Tsarevich killed all the dragons. That was the end of the dark unknown power. Ivan Tsarevich opened the doors of the dark keep and embraced Vasilisa the Beautiful. And when the earth was illuminated by the sun and warmed up, there was no evil and dark left on it at all.




In my opinion, this story may originate from some principle in Zoroastrianism, which is the oldest religion in Asia. Most of the nations moving around the Silk Road had their own version. The following is a story that has long been in Vietnamese textbooks, but it originated from a story in a Ming Dynasty book.


(The starfruit tree is a tropical plant native to Southeast Asia. The reason it is called "starfruit" because when cut crosswise, the fruit looks exactly like Solomon's star. Its wood has a mild fragrance and is quite good for firewood for heating. However, its leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds are all valuable remedies for summer diseases. Starfruit has two distinct flavors : sour and sweet ; but after eating, it leaves an astringent taste in the throat. Therefore, it has a very good anti-thirst effect. Perhaps because of its cooling properties, the star fruit tree is related to the story below)

There were two brothers whose parents inherited quite a rich farm and garden, but the older brother was greedy so he took all the wealth and only left the younger brother and his wife a small thatched roof at the edge of the village. In front of the hut there is only a starfruit tree full of fruit.

One day, a strange bird came to eat starfruits. This bird belongs to many versions : phoenix, eagle, crow. After the younger brother complained that if it ate all the starfruit, what would he use for his living capital, the bird spoke and said : If it eats a starfruit, it will give him a piece of gold, but the younger brother has to make a three-span bag for him to carry to get the gold. So the bird carried him to the desert island, got enough gold and became richer than his brother.

When the older brother learned that his younger brother was so rich, he persuaded his brother to exchange all his inheritance to receive a hut and a starfruit tree. Of course, we can understand his outcome : He listened to his wife and immediately made a twelve-span bag. On the way back home, the bird could not carry the older brother with his bag of gold, so it tilted its wings, causing him to fall into the sea and die.


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