Clock Face (Циферблат, 2018) by Natalya Ryss

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Clock Face
Tsiferblat (ru)
Циферблат (bg)
Zifferblatt (de)
Sihverplaat (et)
Tsifer blat (yi)

Year 2018
Director(s) Ryss Natalya
Studio(s) Animos
Language(s) (wordless)
Genre(s) Folklore & myth (non-Rus./USSR)
Animation Type(s)  Digital 2D
Length 00:05:54 profile Ru, En
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A meditation on Jewish themes (of faith, history and contemporary life), wordless except for a short Yiddish folk song.

The old part of Jerusalem is a city within a city; it is a labyrinth where people, streets, sky are woven into each other. The image of the dial is a city that lives according to the laws of a dream, out of time and at the same time cyclically. The film consists of micro-plots, interspersed with unfinished stories, allusions and gestures.

If you can translate the words of the song, please let us know and we'll add subtitles.



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