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Fantadrom (ru)
Phantasiehafen (de)
ファンタドロムス (jp)


A series about the adventures of the cat-like shapeshifting robot Indriķis XIII, also featuring Receklīte, a purple feminine cat-like shapeshifting creature that's part of a love triangle with Indrikis and a female Mouse who also likes him (she tends to get upstaged by Receklīte, and is thus jealous of her), an amorphous pink blob, a cow, a swine and two human cosmonauts, Daina and Agnis, who only show up in the first few episodes.

The 1st three films of the 13-episode series were made in Soviet times by Riga-Telefilm, directed by Ansis Berzins, and were the standard 1-reel (~10 minutes) length, while #4-13 were made from 1992-1995 in newly-independent Latvia by Dauka studio and apparently had to be 7 minutes each due to the newly-changed format requirements (to accommodate commercial breaks). Alternate versions of #1-3 were then made by director Janis Rubenis, each one shortened by nearly 3 minutes to match the newer episodes, and with the soundtracks completely replaced.

Although the first film originally had a fair amount of text and dialogue, the second had less, and the third was practically wordless. In their re-edited versions (meant for international export), the dialogue and texts were removed.

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