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The Borisfen Animation Studio was established in Ukraine in 1990. In comparison to the state-funded Ukranimafilm, it focused from the beginning much more on commercial productions, especially for foreign clients. Their Youtube channel is here. The text below is translated from their Facebook page.

It participated in the creation of more than 30 animated series in co-production with European studios such as MILIMAGES, SILVER, LES ARMATEURS, FRANCE 3, CANAL J, FIT PRODUCTION, and others. These included "Corneil & Bernie" (52 x 12 min.), "Stressed Eric" (7 x 26 min.), "Talis" (52 x 13 min.),"ZOO 64" (52 x 13 min.), "Carolina and her friends" (52 x 13 min.), "Koala named Archibald" (52 x 13 min.), "Pablo the little red fox" (52 x 5 min.), "Tales of Brock Street" (26 x 13 min.).

In-studio projects: "DIG squad" (total 78 minutes) (dir. A. Viken & V. Goncharov); "Muvy dog" (total 60 minutes) (dir. B. Volkov, Ye. Pruzhansky & N. Churilova).

Short films:
"CLINIC", directed by A. Bubnov, awarded diplomas of the international festivals "Annecy-93", "Hiroshima-94", "London-94". 1993;
"Bluebeard's Last Wife", directed by A. Bubnov, was awarded the Grand Prix of the International Festival in Montreal (Canada) 1997 and a Special Prize for Humor in Zagreb (Croatia) 1998-1996;
"9 1/2", directed by S. Kushnerov, was awarded diplomas of the international festivals "Annecy-93", "Clermont-Ferrat-94", "Montreal-94", "Stuttgart-94". 1993;
"E.T.S." (4.5 minutes). Diploma at the KROK-94 Film Festival. 1993.

Films for PolyGram Video, 4x50 min:"The Ugly Duckling", "Poor Sophie", "Monsieur Seguin's Goats", "Donkey Skin"., (France).

"Carnival", 90 min, in co-production. (France, Ireland, Ukraine, Spain).

Awards: the series "Tales of Brock Street" was recognized by the French Audiovisual Production Committee as the best program of 1996 for children aged 8-12; the series "Stressed Eric" received the main award in the UK at the INDIE ANARD CEREMONY in 2001 and was recognized as the best animated TV Show; the series "ZOO - 64" received the Pulcinella award for the best children's series at the international television festival "Cartoon on the Wow" in 2000, Received a nomination for the BAFTA Awards 2000 in the category "2-6 years" and in 2002 received the prestigious British Animation Award for the best animated series in the preschool category; The series "Roots and Bernie" won the Best Animated Series award at the Pulcinella Awards ceremony, which took place on April 25, 2004 in Positano, Italy.


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