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Leningrad Studio of Popular Science and Educational Films
Леннаучфильм profile: Ru, En

Founded in 1933, Lennauchfilm is currently one of the biggest studios in the Russian Federation, working on films for theatrical, video and television rental. Documentary films created at Lennauchfilm cover such topics as the history of Russia, defense technology, architecture, religion, and customs of the multinational state. Topics of film series include the secrets of rare trades and crafts, popular science films about nature and travel, and biographical sketches.

It seems to have started making animated short films at some point in the 1980s, perhaps 1984. However, its profile at is extremely incomplete - it seems to have had little contact with the rest of the animation community in Russia, and its animation was usually more amateurish, although some of the animators who worked there have gone on to become famous (in particular, the Oscar-nominated director Konstantin Bronzit).

In recent years, many of its older films can be found on the Youtube channel of Андрей кинокрут (a playlist of the animated ones is here, although a few there are from other studios).


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