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Subtitles for The Dog and the Cat (1938)

December 17 2021 22:41:16
Created by Niffiwan, amirjanyan, lianaaaaa
Pyos i ⭳
Quality: good

I translated the Russian texts myself (doing my best to keep the rhymes and meaning), while for the Armenian parts I was helped by lianaaaaa and amirjanyan from /r/armenia. The Armenian-language song comes almost entirely from the original poem, but the existing English translation (which seems to have been translated from the Russian, rather than from Armenian) was different enough that I couldn't use it and had to make a new one that corresponded better line-by-line.

I also discovered that the Russian in the film wasn't always a reliable translation of the Armenian. For example, in the bazaar scene, the pig is selling wine while the rabbit is selling beer - but in Russian, the pig yells "beer" while the rabbit is untranslated (in the 1955 remake the rabbit says "spring water" - I guess they tried to make it more family-friendly for the more "mainstream" Russian audience!)


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