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Subtitles for Hedgehog in the Fog (1975)

February 20 2015 01:51:23
Created by vipo
Yozhik v ⭳
Quality: unknown

From OpenSubtitles. Supposedly for a frame rate of 25fps, but in fact it's slightly wrong because it was converted from 24fps to 25fps, but the conversion should have been done as if the initial frame rate was 23.976fps. Therefore, to play with a 24fps file, multiply by a ratio of 25/23.976; to play with a 25fps file, multiply by a ratio of 24/23.976 (a program such as Subtitle Workshop can easily make the conversion).

Video preview(s):
Multiplier is 25/23.976.
Offset is 0.
Multiplier is 24/23.976.
Offset is -0.4.

The text content of the file is: