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Subtitles for The Aid Program (1949)

October 30 2023 03:53:18
Created by Eus, Niffiwan, Chapaev
Skoraya ⭳
Quality: good

Originally translated by Chapaev and Eus in 2015. Revised by Niffiwan in 2023.

The name of the newspaper (Мели, Емеля!) is a reference to a popular Russian folk saying that means something like "keep blabbing your nonsense, nobody will listen to you, anyway!". In this translation, it has been rendered as "The Blah-Dee-Dah Digest" (which hopefully gives similar associations). There's a lot of wordplay here about the hares having their hides removed (which means, to be ripped off, to be taken advantage of) or saved, many of which exist in English (e.g. "being fleeced", "saving your hide"), and have mostly been translated more-or-less faithfully.

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