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Subtitles for The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep (1965)

February 25 2012 01:27:12
Created by ?, Eus
Pastushka i ⭳
Quality: unknown

According to Eus, he created these soft-subs from an anonymous Spanish hardsub on Youtube uploaded in three parts whose text was "almost impossible to read" (hence the spelling errors). One of these videos was here, but has since been deleted. Timed to the 2010 DVDRip with a duration of 28:44, which has skips in the following places: 01:42, 01:59?, between 9:52 and 10:46 (~1.2 sec), between 15:57 and 16.38 (<1 sec), before 19:20 (0.5s?), before 20:16 (0.5s?), 24:08, before 26:23 (<1 sec).

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