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Subtitles for Christmas Eve (1951)

May 29 2021 23:05:51
Created by Eus, George Tolstoy, Niffiwan
Noch pered ⭳
Quality: good

Subs originally by Eus using the timings from the Russian subs & based on the translation of the original story by George Tolstoy (1860, read it here). More literary than the translation by Pevear & Volokhonsky, but sometimes too fast to keep up with the animation. Tolstoy's text is significantly changed in many places to be more modern (e.g. "thou" changed to "you") and less wordy. Further edited by Niffiwan in May 2021 to correct mistakes and break up some overly-long lines.

Originally timed to the video that is 45:58.

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