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Subtitles for Sherlock Holmes and the Little Black Men (2012)

July 06 2024 07:12:47
Created by Aleksandr Bubnov, Niffiwan, spiritcc, sve-tka, 221bees, abitnotgoodyeah, charliebrown1234, cosmoglaut, lxgique, shaddicted
Sherlok Holms i chyornyye ⭳
Quality: good

The first six parts were subtitled by spiritcc & co. and posted on the werfkj YouTube channel in August 2014. Later, in November 2015, the completed film was subtitled by (perhaps) Aleksandr Bubnov himself on his channel (with the "Little Black Men" in the translated title changed to "Little Chimney Sweeps"). However, both translations had severe problems with broken English and sometimes not being true to the original meaning. The film is quite wordy and not the easiest to translate.

In July 2024, a new translation was compiled/created by Niffiwan on the foundation of both previous versions.

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