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Subtitles for Lefty (1964)

July 28 2021 03:01:06
Created by George H. Hanna, Isabel Florence Hapgood, Niffiwan, Bornik, Eus, Pepi ⭳
Quality: good

Original subtitles made by Eus and Pepi in 2018 using the translation by George H. Hanna (1958), and Bornik's Russian subtitles. The songs are mistranslated.

Substantially revised by Niffiwan in 2021. The translations of the songs had been almost completely wrong (caused by Bornik's transcription of all of them being 75% wrong in the 2018 Russian subs). This new version is based on both the 1958 translation and (more often) the 1890 translation, which tends to be closer to the original text, as well as original translation by Niffiwan. More of the interesting wordplay present in the original text has been included, when realistic. For example, instead of "North Sea", Leskov uses "Твёрдоземное море", which the literary translators interpret as "Hard Sea" or "Dryland Sea". But, the original is a play on "Средиземное море", which in English is the "Mediterranean Sea" - since the English name uses Latin roots, the sea in the story must do so as well, so it is here translated as "Duroterranean Sea". As another example, "microscopes" are instead called "tinyscopes" throughout.

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