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Subtitles for Think You're So Clever, Marty Gra? (1985)

January 06 2010 02:08:02
Created by Mr. Icon
Ish ty, ⭳
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Notes from Mr. Icon:

Okay, it may seem like it's a bit of a stretch from Maslenitsa to Mardi Gras, but they are actually more or less the same holiday. "Fat Tuesday" and "Butter Week" both refer to the festivities before the Great Lent -- everyone pigs out on fat foods, such as buttered pancakes, before all animal fats are off the table for 40 days. I played with various versions of "Butterfest", "Butter week" and "Fat Tuesday," but I settled on "Mardi Gras," even though to most Western viewers it will be a non-sequitur (because in everyone's mind "Mardi Gras" associates with drinking and promiscuous debauchery in New Orleans.)

Nonetheless, I couldn't pass by the convenience of "Mardi" vs "Marty." You're free to flame. :)

There was another snag with the Russian expression of something "being on the tip of the nose," which simply doesn't exist in English. It indicates that "something is coming up," or "something is just around the corner," but none of these expressions quite suite the narrative where the kid makes a joke about the wart on the nose. So, I bit my tongue and went with "pimple."

And thirdly, there just isn't a convenient interjection that is as all-encompassing as the Russian "ish ty!" I mean, "Oh yeah?" sort-of fits, but doesn't quite convey the same spectrum of meaning. Hence why I went with a bunch of other expressions to fill in for "ish ty."

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