Add Subtitle to Any Supported Video

Do you have a subtitle file that you want to play over a video? Then this page is for you. Supported sites at the moment are Youtube, Dailymotion and Vimeo. You can also correct an out-of-sync subtitle file, and fix the video's aspect ratio (if needed).

Step 1: Add a subtitle by selecting a file from your computer, or simply paste text into the text area. Must be in .srt format using one of the encodings listed below.


The text content of the file is:

The file was modified on:

Step 2: Choose a "Video Site" on this page. Then look at the video's URL, and copy the video ID.
For Youtube: Copy the 11 characters after "watch?v=" into the field below. For example,
For Dailymotion: Copy the characters after "/video/" into the field below. For example,
For Vimeo: Copy the numbers after "" into the field below. For example,
A preview image should appear. If it doesn't, your video ID may be wrong, or perhaps the video is no longer online.

Step 3: Click the "Load video + subtitles" button. If all goes well, a video with the subtitles you selected will appear. Click the "Fullscreen" button to watch it in fullscreen.

Step 4: If the subtitles are noticeably out-of-sync with the video, try changing the "Offset" value (enter a positive or negative number of seconds, decimals allowed), then press the "Reload video + subtitles" button. Repeat until you find a number that works. If the subtitles start out fine but gradually become out of sync, the video is probably using a different frame rate from the subtitles. Try entering "24/25" or "25/24" into the "Multiplier" field (that will usually work, unless this is for a silent-era movie, which had more varied frame rates).

Step 5: If you want, you can change the text content in the subtitle and click "Load video + subtitles" to watch the video with your changed text. Your changes won't be saved after you leave this page, though, so save the text to your computer if you want to keep it.

Step 6: You can also adjust the video's aspect ratio (sometimes people accidentally upload a video squished or stretched compared to what it should be). Hover your mouse over the "Adjust aspect ratio:" text to see your options.

Please note that there are some videos that cannot be embedded on other sites (for example, because the uploader has disallowed it, or they are 18+). In that case, not much can be done; you can try downloading the file to your computer, or using a browser plugin to play them with external subtitles.

This page uses a modified version of the "Youtube External Subtitle" script (GitHub).