Clown (Клоун, 2002) by Irina Yevteyeva

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Kloun (ru)
Клоун (bg)

Year 2002
Director(s) Yevteyeva Irina
Studio(s) Slava's SnowShow Company
Language(s) (wordless)
Genre(s) Comedy
Animation Type(s)  Live-action
Length 00:11:21 profile Ru, En
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An animated fantasy inspired by the stage production "Slava's Snowshow" by the mime/clown Slava Polunin about human loneliness, sadness, love and death, hopes and dreams, and the passing of life.

Yevteyeva developed an animation style completely her own. It started when she made an animation for Lenfilm in 1991, but the studio didn't have a stop-motion camera, so she worked with live footage that she manipulated in all kinds of ways.




This film style is obviously different from oil-painting animation of Aleksandr Petrov, Dorota Kobiela, since the moments are not smoothly changing, and objects are more real. It is kind of weird, but can be an interesting and attractive way to illustrate fantasy worlds, especially fuzzy dreams.

Thanks for the sharing, I found the director has other amazing works, "Вечные вариации: Демон,Тезей, Фауст" ,"Маленькие трагедии", "Арвентур", "Мелодия струнного дерева", and the upcoming "Щелкунчик, пианино и венок из одуванчиков", treasures!


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