Cameraman Kops in Mushroomland (Operaator Kõps seeneriigis, 1964) by Heino Pars

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Cameraman Kops in Mushroomland
Operaator Kõps seeneriigis
Operaator Kops seeneriigis (et)
Оператор Кыпс в стране грибов (ru)

Year 1964
Director(s) Pars Heino
Studio(s) Tallinnfilm
Language(s) Estonian
Genre(s) Misc.
Animation Type(s)  Live-action
Length 00:20:32
Wordiness 10.09 profile Ru, En
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Operaator Kps
Date: January 15 2021 18:39:57
Language: English
Quality: unknown
Upload notes:
Creator(s): ?

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This film is part of the Cameraman Kops series.


A fun instructive film for children about mushrooms, and a pleasant mixture of live footage & puppet-film.

Cameraman Köps is a sort of investigative film-maker who wants to know about mushrooms. The second puppet, the Forest Wise Man (or Professor), helps and teaches him. It became a popular 4-part series with, to this day, quite a cult status. Only the first 2 films seem to currently be on Youtube.

Heino Pars started in puppet animation as cameraman right at the start in 1959. A wounded soul who found much consolation in nature, the Cameraman Köps series (released in years 64, 65, 67 & 68) reflects that, as well as the later Underwater Friends (1973), and The City of the Honey Masters (about bees) in the 80s. Both were once uploaded with subtitles on the Eus347 Youtube channel, the Köps series was deleted there, just as everywhere else on Youtube. The first two episodes are currently on Youtube once again. The last two not, it seems, but they are available elsewhere online. You can PM Eus347 or the Admin if you want a link to the subtitles for them.

This video link above is to a Russian dub. The subtitle is made for the Estonian version not the Russian-dubbed one. It's possible to watch it with subtitles but they are not 100% in sync with the dub.



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