The Tiny Fish (Рыбка, 2007) by Sergey Ryabov

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The Tiny Fish
Rybka (ru)
Рибка (bg)
Kalake (et)

Year 2007
Director(s) Ryabov Sergey
Studio(s) Ani
Language(s) (wordless)
Genre(s) Misc.
Animation Type(s)  Cutout
Length 00:09:29 profile Ru, En
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The small child's world is wonderful and extremely complex. A seemingly unimportant event can lead to tragic disaster in child's life. On the other hand, the kindness of a baby's soul is capable of working miracles, even animating a tiny fish...

The film "Rybka" was made at home, outside of a professional studio. All the required equipment - the lighting, camera holder and also shooting multilevel machine - were made by hand specially for creation of this project. The "cut-out" animation technique was used in the production. And two piping voices of the director's children sound in the film.

The first video above has the Russian credits, while the second has English - otherwise, they are the same.

2007 — XII Open Russian Animation Film Festival in Suzdal (Russian Federation), -- Special prize
2007 — XVII International Film Forum «Gold Knight» (Russian Federation), -- The Silver Knight prize
2007 — XII Russian Festival of Visual Arts «Orlenok» (Russian Federation), -- The Diploma
2007 — XII Moscow International Children Animation Festival «Gold Fish» (Russian Federation), -- Prize for the best cartoon film for children
2007 — IV Orthodox Children Film Festival «Effulgent Angel» (Russian Federation), -- The Diploma
2007 — International Animated Festival «Animayovka» (Belarus), -- Special prize
2007 — International Film Festival for Children and Youth Audience «Listopadik» (Belarus), -- Prize for the best debut
2008 — III International Sretensky Orthodox Film Festival «Vstrecha» (Russian Federation), -- Prize for the best animation film «Crystal Candlestick»
2008 — XV Contest of Student Films and Debuts «St. Anna» (Russian Federation), -- The Diploma
2008 — International Film Festival «Nueva Mirada» for Children and Youth (Argentina), -- «Golden Kite» to the best short film for children
2008 — Sapporo Short Fest (Japan), -- Prize for best children short; Children's Choice Silver Award
2008 — International Orthodox Film Festival «Pokrov» (Ukraine), -- Prize for the best animation film; The Diploma
2008 — V China International Animation and Digital Arts Festival (China), -- Special distinction award in short film category
2008 — International Festival of Audiovisual Production for Children and Adolescents «Kolibri» (Bolivia), -- Special Mention of the Jury in the Animation Category
2008 — Bradford Animation Festival (England), -- Award for best film for children
2009 - Festival der Nationen (Austria), - Ebenseer Bären in Silber
2009 - Animae Caribe Animation & New Media Festival (Trinidad and Tobago), - Most Outstanding Animation



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