Play People (Игра в людей, 2017) by Nadezhda Fedotova

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Play People
Игра в людей
Irga v lyudey (ru)
Игра на хора (bg)
Inimmäng (et)

Year 2017
Director(s) Fedotova Nadezhda
Studio(s) VGIK
Language(s) (wordless)
Genre(s) Domestic life
NSFW / 18+
Animation Type(s)  Digital 2D
Length 00:08:09 profile Ru, En
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A piece of feminine psychological self-reflection about love from a person who is deeply confused in herself; it is difficult to build relationships when something is haunting you all the time. For adults.

Wordless except for a brief clip of a Russian folk song at the beginning, and an English-language song at the end.

A student film made for the masterclass of Valentin Olshvang.

Strictly speaking, "Peopleplay" is a more accurate translation of the Russian title (as in, a game in which people are played with). However, "Play People" was chosen to be the official English translation.




It's an odd system which prevails these days. Used to be, you'd start as a lowly in-betweener as part of an animation team, move up to animator/lead animator, then perhaps second director, then finally solo director on your own short film projects, and perhaps do a big "masterpiece" (e.g. a feature film) before you retire... or even several. That used to be the career path in Soviet animation.

But now, they start out directing their own films as students (first ~2.5 minutes, then 5+ minutes), perhaps make one or two more longer ones, and then if they're lucky they get hired to work as in-betweeners on some big producer-driven series or feature (as often as not directed by some random first-time director). So - the higher you rise, the LESS creative control you get. Aside from a very few exceptions.

As a career arc, it seems a lot less inspiring...

Also, it means that perhaps most animated shorts are actually being made by students.


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