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Subtitles for The Tale of the Silly Little Mouse (1940)

July 23 2022 04:48:33
Created by Niffiwan, Eus
Skazka o glupom ⭳
Quality: unknown

Transcribed by Niffiwan aided by the original Shostakovich score (New Collected Works, vol. 126). There are some differences between what is in the score and what made its way into the final film.

For example, at 1:55 (measure 60) the mother mouse originally was to sing:

Дам тебе я манной кашки,
дам тебе лоскут бумажки,
дам кусочек пирога
и огрызок сапога.

but this got changed into:

Дам тебе овсянной кашки,
да промасленной бумажки,
дам кусочек пирога
и каблук от сапога.

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