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Subtitles for The Liu Brothers (1953)

June 23 2022 22:04:23
Created by анониМ, Niffiwan
Bratya ⭳
Quality: unknown

Originally made in 2014, uploaded to, though possibly uploaded elsewhere before that; the creator may be someone else. Edited in 2022 by Niffiwan with a few corrections, most notably adding the letter "ё", because the part where one of the brothers teaches the little goat pronunciation doesn't make sense otherwise.

This is for the 25fps video that's 27:25 long - the 2001 restoration, which has some extra names in the credits and is missing a few seconds of footage at 9:35. It can also fit the 24fps 28:31 version if changed from 25 to 24fps and 5.9 seconds added to all the timings.

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