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Subtitles for Hoffmaniada (2018)

June 03 2024 08:11:53
Created by Kevin McNeer, Niffiwan ⭳
Quality: good

Subtitles by Kevin McNeer for an early version of the film (before the final release). Transcribed by Niffiwan in June 2020, though with some omitted lines, then edited to translate certain untranslated lines, correct the spelling of some German names and translate the full credit sequence. In Oct 28, 2023, updated subtitles were published to one of the official Soyuzmultfilm YouTube channels fixing many of the same issues (sometimes in the same way), and breaking up long lines, but without the credits translation. In June 2024, the latest subs were edited again by Niffiwan to add the credits back in, as well as fix some remaining translation issues (including some that were fixed in the second 2020 subtitles but not in 2023).

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