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Subtitles for Miracles (1980)

April 20 2020 20:50:59
Created by Eus, Niffiwan ⭳
Quality: ok

Translates the text, but mostly doesn't rhyme.

The chorus in this one presented a translation difficulty (...Ну ещё туда-сюда / ...Это просто ерунда). The first line means something like "that is halfway plausible", while the second one means "that's total rubbish" in most contexts... except in the very last chorus, where the very same phrase means "that's insanely easy". It was very difficult to find a phrase in English that would have both of those meanings. One possibility was "that's not worth a second thought", but in the end we settled on using different phrases that simply have the same rhyme ("What complete and utter rot" & "That's a thing I don't need taught").

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