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Aleksandr Ilyash

Ильяш Александр Юрьевич

1973 - profile: Ru, En


Born on Aug 4, 1973. Since 1990, Ilyash has worked for various studios in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Toronto ("Lennauchfilm", "Panorama", "Goyot", "Pilot", "SHAR", "The Anbvftion House", "Cuppa Coffee Animation"). He took part in all the stages of production, from coloring and inking to directing. In 1997 he graduated from the "SHAR" School-Studio at the School of Advanced Studies for Screenwriters and Directors. He is the director of a number of TV commercials and interstitial segments.
Source: translated from, which in turn was taken from "Энциклопедия отечественной мультипликации" (Encyclopedia of Domestic Animation), Москва, "Алгоритм-книга", 2006.


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