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SHAR School-Studio

Школа-студия ШАР profile: Ru, En

Founded by directors Yuriy Norshteyn, Eduard Nazarov, Andrey Hrzhanovskiy and Fyodor Hitruk in 1993. Of the original founders, only Hrzhanovskiy has remained (and kept directing films). As of the end of 2023, its director is Nikolay Makovskiy and its artistic council consists of Andrey Hrzhanovskiy, Aleksey Dyomin, Ivan Maximov, Yekaterina Sokolova, Svetlana Filippova and Leonid Shmelkov.

SHAR existed "under the wing" of the School of Advanced Studies for Screenwriters and Directors (Высшие курсы сценаристов и режиссёров) until 2001. From 2001–2004, SHAR was located on the site of VGIK, then moved to the Gorky Film Studio, and then to the building of the Moscow Children's Fund on Leningradsky Prospekt, where it worked for about 4 years. From 2012-2014 it was stationed at Soyuzmultfilm, then at the property of Artplay, then, as a creative laboratory, on the site of the Moscow International University, also on Leningradsky Prospekt. In 2016, SHAR became licensed to train animators and relocated to Ulitsa Pravdy (Moscow).


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