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Comment on 1895 (1995)

Comment on At the Back of the Class (4) (1985)

Well, last year I uploaded Prodelkin at School, what is the first part of this series.

Comment on How To Grow Up (1967)

Most puppet films often lack aesthetic appeal, so they cannot attract young audiences. However, this film actually comes close to the success of hand-drawn films. This film usually reminds me of a film that is also very famous in Vietnam : How to smell like flowers (Làm thế nào để thơm như hoa).

There was lived a kitten who wants to be as fragrant as roses. So she poured a whole bottle of her mother's perfume on herself. But when she ran into the street, everyone covered their noses and shunned her. In the end, everyone taught her that : If you have musk, you'll naturally smell good (Hữu xạ tự nhiên hương). It means that someone's inner qualities are still more important than their external splendor.

Comment on At the Back of the Class (3) (1984)

I fixed up the English translation but I'm not sure that all of the sailing terms from 6:04-6:13 are quite right.

Comment on At the Back of the Class (1) (1978)

Unfortunately ! The Vietnamese subtitles of the first two episodes are still in my old hard drive, which was broken and has little chance of recovering the data. Now it takes quite a while to translate !

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Comment on Andrey Hut and His Grief (2015)

Really nice film. An uplifting story and gets across the optimistic side of that period really well (which existed alongside the darker side that most are familiar with).

Comment on The Doll's Letters (2016)

It seems to me that this one and Grofpel's previous film are aimed not at little children but at the mothers of little children.

Also, I've been noticing that many of the films that get uploaded to Vimeo seem to be aimed at a certain "Vimeo animation" audience, which is the same one that graduates of other animation schools in the West seem to aim at. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there are some similarities in these films, and it's almost like a "house style". One part of it is that they tend to be wordless, and moreover "culturally ambiguous".

Comment on Fairy Tale (2014)

I'm quite impressed by the song, its performance and the artistry of the animation, but (unless I'm missing something), I wish that the lyrics of the song had something to do with what is shown.

Comment on Micro Life Moments (2012)

Natalya Grofpel's first film.

I was quite impressed by the animation, but the story didn't really grab me. Also, unfortunately, the musical selections are very famous pieces that are overused (as is common in student films).

Comment on The Two (1988)

The filmmakers seem to have researched the African environment quite carefully ; perhaps because Uzbekistan also has vast deserts. However, they did not draw the banana tree very accurately. The stem of banana trees can really only be considered a grass stem, which means that almost no animal can climb it. Furthermore, because the banana tree has essential oils, it is quite smelly to many creatures, so almost only lizards and spiders can live on it. In Vietnam, banana flowers, banana stems and banana fruits are all food. Banana stems will mostly be chopped up to feed pigs. Of course, people only eat them when their crops fail.

Previously I had watched two Canadian series, "Turtle Island" and "Robinson Sucroe", the filmmakers even painted mangoes green. In fact, green mangoes are very sour, so only people who have to talk a lot like them (actors, singers, MC...), but usually people eat ripe mangoes (bright yellow).

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