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Comment on Dragon (1961)

There's a pretty similar theme in Galina Barinova's 1990 film A Long Time Ago. This one is somewhat more optimistic, the narrative laid out more clearly, and stylistically more orthodox. They well represent the different eras they were made in.

Comment on The Magic Bird (1953)

I've updated the original English subs (which had a lot of inaccuracies) so they should be mostly good now, but I did it in a big rush, so I'm not sure if there's something I missed.

Comment on Conflict (1983)

Очень наглядно на спичках показаны результаты атомной войны

Comment on Battle of Kerzhenets (1971)

Very beautifully simply made of old legend film. Who renewed the colors? They are very nice

Comment on The Ball of Wool (1968)

Оригинально обыгран старый сюжет о Рыбаке и Рыбке, да и для настоящей техничесцой ситуации в мире тоже можно применить.ЕЕ

Comment on Birds (2013)

Птахи-Birds, Очень милый yкраинский сюреализм, Dаже и Шагал здесь. Приятно смотреть, замечательные краски.

Comment on The Bread's Light (1983)

>The world of Bread
Yes, that's possible. Although "Мир хлеба" might be more obvious if this was the main meaning that was meant.

>(A or The)daylight of bread
No, "свет" just means "light", not "daylight" (дневной свет).

>(A)Light on bread
No, that would be "свет на хлебе", whereas "свет хлеба"="the light of bread" or "The Bread's Light" (the title I chose).

Comment on The Bread's Light (1983)

The title can be translated in more then one way.: The world of Bread, (A or The)daylight of bread, (A)Light on bread. I am not a born Russian speaker, but what would be the best translation, in the light of the animations intention, and given the fact that the title has more then one meaning? As wel as that A & the don't exist in the Russian Language?

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Comment on The Beautiful Leukanida (1912)

Ne понятно,почему три копии. Последняя, конечно в приличном качестве. Интересно,что немая копия сохранилась и ее интересно смотреть. Спасибо всем, имеющим отношение к этому сайту.ее.

Comment on Elephant and Pug (1941)

Soyuzmultfilm has annoyingly covered the last 15 seconds of this film with pop-ups. I am not against advertisements, but not when they cover up critical part of films. To hide those rectangular pop-ups, I've found the advice given in the top comment on this Reddit thread to be quite effective.


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