House of Mirrors (Комната смеха, 1991) by Nina Shorina

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House of Mirrors
Room of Laughter
Комната смеха
Komnata smeha (ru)

Year 1991
Director(s) Shorina Nina
Studio(s) Soyuzmultfilm
Language(s) Russian
Genre(s) Surrealism/dream-logic
Animation Type(s)  Live-action
Length 00:09:53
Wordiness 4.24 profile Ru, En
114 visitors

Date: December 23 2019 07:41:02
Language: English
Quality: unknown
Upload notes:
Creator(s): Eus, Niffiwan

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In a house of mirrors ("room of laughter" in Russian), we laugh on seeing our reflection, not noticing that the ugliness becomes our essence.

Reflecting the spirit of its time, it is not the most accessible animation to watch. Many animations made in the first period of the '90 are surreal, cryptic, not made to please and artistically and/or otherwise rebellious.



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