Green Fairy Tale (Zaļā pasaka, 1977) by Roze Stiebra

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Green Fairy Tale
Zaļā pasaka
Зелёная сказка
Zelyonaya skazka (ru)
Зелена приказка (bg)
Roheline muinasjutt (et)
Đồng thoại xanh (vi)

Year 1977
Director(s) Stiebra Roze
Studio(s) Riga Telefilm
Language(s) (wordless)
Genre(s) Misc.
Animation Type(s)  Cutout
Drawn (cel)
Length 00:13:29 profile Ru, En
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(No subtitles available)

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The forces of nature and pollution are at battle in the city.

Can also be watched here (needs no subtitles).



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