New Dawn (Новая заря, 2005) by Oleg Gazmanov

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New Dawn
Новая заря
Novaya zarya (ru)

Year 2005
Director(s) Gazmanov Oleg
Studio(s) (no studio)
Language(s) Russian
Genre(s) Musical/Opera
Animation Type(s)  Digital 2D
Length 00:03:45
Wordiness 12.56
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Date: January 06 2009 09:58:02
Language: English
Quality: ok
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Creator(s): businka1, Niffiwan

Date: August 14 2021 08:04:08
Language: Russian
Quality: unknown
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Creator(s): Niffiwan

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An animated music video about corruption, patriotism and hope for the future in modern Russia.

This song and this clip were unofficially banned from Russian television in 2005/2006 - no channel would show it, despite the popularity of the artist, and finally the singer released it on his website. It perhaps says something that this resonated with so many people.



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