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Attraction Children's Animation Studio

Аттракцион - детская студия анимации profile: Ru, En

A children's animation studio in the Russian Ural city of Sverdlovsk which allows children aged 3-15 to create their own animated films. In addition, it has also created some commercial work and a few short films. Its official VK page is here.

Officially founded in 2000 (though the profile mentions a 1998 film, which may be a mistake) by director Sergey Aynutdinov, for at least the first 6 years of its existence it was closely associated with the Sverdlovsk Film Studio (which was a "co-founder"), using its facilities "for free". It suffered a fire in Jan 2003, which destroyed much equipment but thankfully not the archives. From 2004 onwards, there was a conflict with the Sverdlovsk Film Studio over payment for the use of its facilities, which came to a head in 2006. Aynutdinov seems to have served as its director until 2008.

There is also an extra entry of the studio on, here.


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