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Subtitles for The Titmouse Community Calendar 4. Autumn (1984)

March 04 2020 16:38:10
Created by Niffiwan, Eus, Lemicnor
Sinichkin kalendar. ⭳
Quality: ok

There were a fewdifficulties with this one. First, to translate "Пропадаю" into English is kind of difficult - it can mean both "I'm getting lost" and "I'm falling" and "I'm getting worse". So its meaning when the little hare shouts it is kind of cryptic, and the animals aren't sure how to interpret it and are scared. I decided finally to use "I'm going down", which is also kind of vague in English and includes the most important meaning of "I'm falling" (it can also mean "I'm about to fight", among other things, which might "explain" why it scares the other animals). I don't think there's really a perfect solution here...

Also, I changed Eus's suggestion of "autumn kid" to "leaf-fall-child", as I think the full meaning is also kind of poetic - child of the falling leaves (though"leaf-fall-child" does sound a bit awkward in English). Листопад DOES mean "autumn" in a bunch of Slavic languages (similarly to how "autumn" is also called "fall" in English),but not in Russian, so the meaning is kind of noticeable.

I also wasn't sure about the fox's "me, the red-head" line; I'm not 100% confident on either that line or the line before it. Still, it's probably accurate enough...

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