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Subtitles for Kolobok (2013)

January 07 2023 08:19:32
Created by Eus, Mountain of Gems, Niffiwan, Aleksandr ⭳
Quality: good

Originally subtitled by Aleksandr & Eus in May 2014 (just the main film). Later that year, the introduction was also subtitled by the Mountain of Gems Youtube channel. In 2022, the translation was heavily revised by Niffiwan, and the song made to rhyme (more or less) while keeping the original meaning.

The translation of the words "ambar" (амбар) and "suseki" (сусеки) presented some difficulty. "Ambar" is a building or shed where grain is stored - like a barn, but without any livestock (as is the common usage of "barn" in North America). According to one of the two common usages, a "susek" is a sort of open-top stationary "bin" for grains made out of wood inside a barn, with an opening at the bottom for convenient scooping (there is a photo here). According to another usage, it's a small, raised grain-storage building without any separations, where the grain is just stored on the floor. In the end, it was decided to translate "по амбару помети, по сусекам поскреби" as "scrape the bottom of the barrel, sweep the flour bins".

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