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Subtitles for The Bathhouse (1962)

February 19 2023 10:59:46
Created by Animation Obsessive, Eus, Guy Daniels, Julie A. Cassiday, Kathleen Cook-Horujy, Niffiwan, Chapaev ⭳
Quality: good

Subtitled by Animation Obsessive in 2023 (uploaded to Youtube), then edited a bit by Niffiwan to break up long lines and correct a few mistakes. Based on earlier April 2016 subs by Eus from Chapaev's 2014 Russian transcription, and the subs uploaded to Youtube in 2019 (as hard-subs) by TignoBaiser. These subtitles rely a lot on the Cook-Horujy 1987 version and

Most of the character and location names come from Kathleen Cook-Horujy's 1987 translation of Mayakovksy's play, published under the title "The Big Clean-Up." The original names are usually Russian puns and jokes that don't carry over when translated literally. The other literary translations used are those of Guy Daniels ("The Bathhouse", 1968) and Julie A. Cassiday ("Flash Floods, Bedbugs and Saunas", 1998).

In the film and original play, Pont Kitsch speaks in gibberish that's somewhere between Russian and English. To create the effect, Mayakovsky constructed "English" sentences out of assorted Russian words that vaguely sound like English ones. The audience heard nonsense with a double meaning in Russian and English. It's not really possible to capture the effect in translation, so Cook-Horujy rendered Pont Kitsch's dialogue phonetically, and these subtitles do the same.

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