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Subtitles for The Little Ship (1956)

April 18 2023 06:34:06
Created by Eus, Niffiwan, Chapaev ⭳
Quality: ok

Original version of the subtitles made in 2012 by Eus translating from a transcription of the film's text by Chapaev. Translation corrected by Niffiwan in 2023, and re-timed to the 24fps HD scan of the film. Songs are translated more-or-less literally without attempting to rhyme (but attempting to keep the same or a similar number of syllables).

Some translation notes: the Russian word "plavat" is one of three words in English ("swim", "sail", "float") depending on context. So in the original Russian, it is not strange that the frog makes fun of them for not being able to "swim" and they then build a ship that they can "sail" on, because it is the same word. Also, the male caterpillar turns into a female butterfly because that follows the gender of those nouns in Russian.

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