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Subtitles for The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep (1965)

May 09 2023 09:10:49
Created by Eus, Niffiwan
Pastushka i ⭳
Quality: good

Subtitles originally made by Eus in 2011-2012, likely based on the earlier Spanish subs found on Youtube. Revised/corrected by Niffiwan in 2023. There are some parts where the original dialogue rhymes (such as the dialogue on the rooftop at the end), but they have been translated without rhyme.

Timed to the 2010 DVDRip with a duration of 28:44, which has skips in the following places: 01:42, 01:59?, between 9:52 and 10:46 (~1.2 sec), between 15:57 and 16.38 (<1 sec), before 19:20 (0.5s?), before 20:16 (0.5s?), 24:08, before 26:23 (<1 sec).

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