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Subtitles for The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish (1950)

September 07 2021 15:30:13
Created by Irina Zheleznova, Niffiwan
Skazka o rybakye i ⭳
Quality: good

These subtitles first appeared in 2012 or earlier, possibly initially at (formerly Universal Subtitles). The original translator seems to have been Irina Zheleznova. Despite the mostly very high quality of her translation, a few small edits were made by Niffiwan in 2021, listed below:

line 25: "Step thirty goodly knights escorted" to "Step thirty-three fine knights escorted" (33 is a very important number in Russian fairy tales, and it seemed important to keep it)
line 44: "good-wife" to "old wife" (to be more accurate to the original text)
lines 82, 103, 128: "great silly" to "dimwit" (the latter seems a closer translation of "простофиля", and the former isn't quite proper English)
line 225: "durst" to "dared" (same meaning, but many people may not be familiar with "durst")

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