Heracles Visits Admetus (Геракл у Адмета, 1986) by Anatoliy Petrov

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Heracles Visits Admetus
Геракл у Адмета
Gerakl u Admeta (ru)
Heraklo ĉe Admeto (eo)
Hércules y Admetis (es)

Year 1986
Director(s) Petrov Anatoliy
Studio(s) Soyuzmultfilm
Language(s) Russian
Genre(s) Folklore & myth (non-Rus./USSR)
War & battles
Animation Type(s)  Drawn (cel)
Length 00:19:02
Wordiness 10.82
Animator.ru profile Ru, En
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Quality: good
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Quality: good
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Creator(s): hastings1987, Niffiwan, Eus

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Date: August 22 2015 13:59:39
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Quality: unknown
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Date: January 29 2021 19:15:53
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This film is part of the Greek myths (Anatoliy Petrov) series.


Based on ancient Greek myth. Admetus was fated to an untimely death from which he could be rescued if someone agrees to take his place.



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